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Life, Music, and Coffee
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AboutA blog by some guy about some stuff
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Unique and diverse, yet cut from the same cloth, we are a curious and wonderful people.  This blog exists to joyously and passionately bring wide ranging experiences and observations of this great gift of life, the beauty, power and connection which music provides us, and to offer ideas and experiences worth investigating from the better of these flavors and nuances.  You know…good stuff!  I am glad each and every one of these areas are or have been part of my own life, and hope you will find them to be simple adventures worth adding to yours.



I am a 60 year old Music, Life and Coffee enthusiast with the excitement of someone who just saw that blockbuster movie and can’t wait to talk about it (without the need for spoiler alerts.)  Those 60 years have involved lots of practical experience and learning. Please enjoy – from My Ear To Yours.